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This story is about the coup that take place in Guatemala in 1954. The term Banana Republic was given about a story that O'Henry wrote in 1903 about a corrupted dictator who ruled a Central America country. The Golden Banana Company is the largest import of bananas in the U.S. The American intelligence agency is being pressure by the U.S. government who is being pressure by the Golden Banana Company to get rid of this corrupted dictator who is extorted money from the company. He threaten if the company doesn't pay up the land will be taken away from them by his Army and land that the bananas are grown on will go to the highest bidder. The Mafia, Russians and a jungle rebel leader all come together try to take over the land. U.S. intelligence sends their best men for the job. They are pro's when it comes to kidnapping, extortion, blackmailing and bribery. Alot of bumbling mistakes from everyone who is involved. The Russians sends their best agent who is a woman who everyone falls in love with. She has secret relationships with eveybody including the dictator.The jungle rebel leader is been in the jungle so long he has hard time to adjust to modern conveniences. Indoor plumbling. The Mafia boss puts a hit on the wrong people and his own men get killed he is the only one left. He tries to gather people to work for him and the only ones he can get are old peasants who work in the banana fields and kids.