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THE GEORGIA PEACH A story is about one of the most famous baseball player of the 20th century.

There has been stories about Babe Ruth Lou Gehrig Hank Greenberg Ron Leflore and Jackie Robinson the ones that I remember seeing on T.V. These stories were told as them being players unique in their own way off the field and on the field. The movie COBB didn't show and mention anything him as a player. The story that I am writing is protraying Ty Cobb the ball player and his fierece competitive nature on the ball field and effect it had on his personel life. Cobb was married twice. This competive nature that developed was the sudden murder of his father. When he retired from baseball he mention what attributed to his ferocious play that his late father never saw him play. I knew he be watching somewhere and be proud of me the way I went out to play the game. What ever it took to win a game.He didn't have a good relationship with some of his teammates. If he felt that some of the players were dogging it he let them know not in a kind way. Cobb had to turn it up to the next level to try to win the game by himself. If the game was lost Cobb would call down the whole team for their lack of ability and it was a the certain player who lost the game for them a fight would erupt in the clubhouse or outside. The player you love to hate. He wasn't a peach of a person and sometimes he was referred as the Georgia P****K. 1936 first in Baseball Hall of Fame holds 90 baseball records.