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OVERHEAD - Exploring the splendor and risks of the world’s most dangerous sport

Cave diving is considered the most dangerous recreational activity in the world. The documentary
film Overhead will explore the sport through the eyes of the divers who venture deep into crystal
clear waters running through the dark underground caves of Northen Florida and Mexico’s Yucatan

The film will be centered around the work of pioneer cave diver Sheck Exley, who advanced ten
safety recommendations in his book Basic Cave Diving – a Blueprint for Survival. Exley’s failure to
follow his own recommendations contributed to his death in 1994 when attempting a new world
depth record in a Mexican sink hole.

An underlying theme that will be developed through diver interviews and anecdotes is the
independent mind set and self-determination that drives these individuals to risk their lives, in
circumstances in which they cannot be rescued by others, to be rewarded solely by self-fulfillment.
The film will also feature the subculture that has developed within this small community of active

Breathtaking scenery in this underwater world, interviews with the sport’s leading divers and true
stories of success and failures within the caves will compose an exciting expose of a sport that is
unfamiliar to most yet compelling to most.