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Baby Without Birth, Comedy of an original concept.


This is a comedy about a hillbilly chicken farmer, who yearns to be a father, and his model wife. They enlist the aid of an eccentric fertility specialist. Together, medical history is made when they hatch a Baby without Birth.


ADAM, a misplaced chicken farmer from West Virginia, struggles to survive in fast-paced Boston. His wife, CINDY, works as a model, while Adam jumps from job to job. Adam responds to a classified requesting a Nursery Helper, thinking he can utilize his degree in Agriculture. Instead, he walks into a day care center. When the harried manager pushes a screaming infant into his arms, Adam realizes what’s missing in his life: a baby.

But having one isn’t so simple. Cindy’s obsession with her work and figure doesn’t help Adam’s desire. Adam meets Dr. STEVENSON, a fertility specialist, and enlists his help. Adam suggests cynically that humans should be able to give birth as chickens do. Surprisingly, Dr. Stevenson actually considers this unprecedented way of having a baby. The couple is thrilled when they realize that modern science could probably make their dream a reality without Cindy giving up her job.

Dr. Stevenson takes advantage of the situation and fertilizes an extra egg for his gay partner NICK. Their lives begin to revolve around the maturation of their in vitro fertilized eggs, while Adam struggles with living the life of a funky rooster.

The couple’s secret plan goes well until the doctor’s nurse, SHELLY, brags to her gorilla-like brother T-BONE about the experiment. This leads T-Bone to thinking of a way to profit from this knowledge. He strikes a deal with two “Agents.” T-Bone tries to steal the egg and almost succeeds. Fearful for his life, he steals an Ostrich egg instead and tries to pass it off as the human egg.

Meanwhile, the neighbor’s dog whimpers and scratches to get to the egg. Inquisitive neighbor HELEN is misled about the use of the special scanning equipment that Dr. Stevenson brings to scan the egg.

As the due date approaches, the madness mounts. To avoid T-Bone, the neighbors and media exposure, Cindy and Adam, escape to the Bahamas. Since Adam has never flown before, he is amazed by the workings of the plane, and his misconceptions about sewage disposal. The passengers settle in for the long trip and everyone but a Spanish-speaking couple are asleep when the egg hatches in the overhead compartment, dripping foul-smelling fluids on Adam.

Adam and Cindy disembark, but realize as they go through customs that they have no papers for the infant. Fortunately, they are allowed to keep Adam Junior with them as long as they abide by specific restrictions. Adam and Cindy think their worries are over, until they realize that the Agent and T-Bone are still after the egg--or Adam Jr. They end up in a desperate race to find their kidnapped baby. Nick discovers his paradise at the “gay club” in the Bahamas, and abandons his mission.

The madness mounts when the couple and the baby return to the States, where the authorities retain the rescued baby, possibly as an Alien. The media go into frenzy, and their doctor faces an ethical issue for working against Mother Nature.

They suddenly realize that what they’ve waited for, for so long, could be in jeopardy. A legal battles ensues as they fight to gain legitimacy of their baby. Despite the lack of legal precedent, the surprise testimony of the Spanish-speaking couple and the results of DNA testing, Adam Junior is finally returned to his rightful parents – and to his rightful status as the first Baby without Birth.