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Barry Seal, cocaine smuggler

Is anybody interested in doing a factual film script on Seal and the CIA and their alleged activies at Mena, Arkansas. I retired from the FBI and wrote and had published Smuggler's End: The Life and Death of Barry Seal (Pelian Publishing Co. 2016) I didn't get into mthe nitty gritty of what went on in Mena. American Made staring Tom Cruise was fiction. Director, Doug Liman said as much. It's “a fun lie based on a true story.” Liman said something else that got very little media and public attention. He said, “The original screenplay alleged the CIA knowingly trafficked in cocaine, and my father looked into those specific allegations during his Iran-Contra investigations and had a top-secret security clearance and came to the conclusion that that was not true….” Liman’s father was Arthur Liman, who served as chief counsel on the Congressional investigation of the Iran-Contra arms-for-hostages scheme. I've got the facts about Barry Seal and Mena and the CIA but I'm not a film writer.