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Thriller, Sci-fi

Set in a tiny Scottish village on the West coast. The world is now ran by AI, they are controlling humnas minds by putting out false media. The world faces nuclear war and chaos runs through Europe and the rest of the world. Villagers scared by events on the news such as war terrorism looting and general anarchy decide to hide in a remote disused military base on a now uninhabited island off of the West coast. A few community residenst set sail for the island and discover an underground science lab. In it are zombies and a woman now a zombie who is chained to a lab table with bodies of scientists all around. Hiding amongst it all is a young boy named Mo, an illegal immigrant from the middle-east whos zombified mother is on the lab bed. Mo tells the group his family were promised a brilliant future in Scotland and were taken by the military only to find themselves the victims of horrific experimentations instead, with both parenst dead the group take Mo back to the mainland. Because they could see no further threat on the island the community decide they will move and hude in the safety undeground.

In all of this is a complex community with old enemies and a pregnant woman from London who is having an affair with a local. All these people will have to live with each other in harmony while fighting AI, Zombies and looters.