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How I Became the Antichrist

Logline: An archbishop’s daughter goes on a quest to save her illegitimate son by learning how his tragic past had turned him into the antichrist.

“How I Became the Antichrist” is very much like “Interview with the Vampire” meeting “The Old Guard”. The Antichrist, Jeremy Holt, has been captured, but before he can be executed, Daniella Bishop, who hosts the Holy Spear in her soul, demands to interrogate him first. That eventually leads to an accident where it is revealed that Daniella is Jeremy’s biological mother. In an effort to save her son’s soul, Daniella leaves no stone unturned and ends up meeting Miriam Holt, Jeremy’s deceased adoptive mother, in Heaven. The two mothers then join forces to try to rescue their son from the unjust destiny he was born with.