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The Retired Savior

Logline: An immortal savior who has decided to retire, and her five guardians must learn everything they can from the savior before the savior leaves them for good.

“The Retired Savior” is very much like “Charmed (1998)” meeting “Supernatural”. The immortal savior, Yuan Yan, is frustrated with humanity’s ignorance and stupidity, but she couldn’t bring herself to abandon entirely, so she recruits five guardians to train them as her replacements. She promises herself and her husband, the King of the Demonic Realm, that she will leave the Earthly Realm in exactly a hundred years, regardless of whether the world is ready to survive without her. Can her guardians (i.e.– an elf, a human, a clone, a half-pontianak, and a cat) stop the upcoming apocalypse without the savior guiding them?