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Hitlers biggest fear, Based on a true story

The year is 1938, The Germans have heard stories of the violence of American Gangsters, this one Al Capone guy unparticular. The Germans understand more than anyone else that they cant commit mass genocide if 6 million men like Al Capone are all holding a tommy-gun. So they pass the 1938 German Weapons Act and begin to disarm the European people. The Germans understand that they must also disarm the Americans to have any chance at world domination. This is a real problem for Hitler because as we all know it reads "shall not be infringed" since 1776 It also reads "being necessary to secure a free state" . The idea was to first wage psychological war fair and trick the American people to disarm themselves out of fear. This was the start,and or, the invention of gun control. The entire idea of gun control was to make Hitler less afraid.