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My Friends Call Me Billy

Few people know that the two most famous characters in the old west actually met in a western saloon of course somewhere along the New Mexico/Arizona border. The "characters" were non other than Wyatt Earp and another man who went by many names but is his most recognizable name was "Billy the Kid". I would like to make a movie about that fateful meeting and what allegedly happend. Let's just say that at the end of the meeting Wyatt had a reason to shoot Billy with his famous rifle (he was the best rifleman that ever lived) but in a moment of restraint (believe it or not) Wyatt choose not to kill Billy, instead he yelled "What is your name?" and the answer: "My friends call me Billy!!!" the fact that Billy would imply Wyatt was his "friend" is even more interesting under the circumstances. If anyone is interested in working on this project with me, in any capacity, please email me at wschumann@cox.net and I will contact you. Elena F. Schumann