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My Friends Call Me Billy

I always wanted to tell the true story of the fateful night in which Wyatt Earp 27 years of age, meet the man who went by many names but is best known as "Billy the Kid". The Story is in the Public domain but noone so far has made it into a movie. If you are interested in helping me make this timeless story about the two most famous people in the Old West of the US, please let me know. At the time of their meeting Wyatt was in his late 20's and Billy was in his early 20's. They were 7 years apart in age. Billy did something to Wyatt that should have got him killed by Wyatt, but instead, Wyatt restrained himself thereby letting Billy on to create further mishcheif until he eventually was killed by Pat Garret. Despite being shot at so many times, Wyatt actually lived to be a consultant in Western Silent movies and died aas an old man in 1927.