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‘Love Remembered’ .... A true story surrounding events of ‘Tragedy, Heartbreak and Recovery

*the Premise ----
A sad event can change our lives in an instant, at any time -- the loss of intimacy, or the sudden loss of a loved one who has shared so much of our life with us………. (as) a family tragedy will be remembered forever….

Time will not heal the heartbreak, fond memories of happy times will last forever.
(though) after so much hurt ……healing is quite elusive and difficult, then with constant hope - we often find happy reminders of that life.
(please) cling to these as a wonderful remembrance of a life, that all of you cherished.
(the) pictures in our mind will fade with a loss that's special,
(but) we will be better in our future, knowing, it's not Time that heals the wound, it …. IS ... the Memories.

How could someone recover and move on with confidence?
Fitting into society after experiencing the hurt of losing, in an instant, the one you love so much. The word ‘Time’ is mentioned so often to allow an individual the recognition of being alone. Family and friends can provide comfort, but confuse the daily ritual with well meaning efforts …. since at the end of the day – it is still loneliness.

*the Action ---- the true story of losing a loved one to Tragedy and Heartbreak, then a Recovery

Then a ‘specialty program’ to combat the emptiness and plant the seeds of hope. Finding the strength within the individual to examine their life now and going forward.
-David – (speaking about the Developer’s experience)
'It is Thanksgiving Day 1980, late afternoon as I stand at the foot of the hospital bed of my Father.
I am watching my Father slowly die from failed open heart surgery ….

'He was the first grandson. This was supposed to be a school vacation for the warmth of Spring sunshine, but overnight he died in his sleep …. It was Easter week - Kevin was 8 years old ….
-Jack- (trembling)
No matter how many times we present this Program, it is hard to know how this could happen to one family. How they could lose so much and live a future life of fulfillment.
The Developer of this Program was forced to examine his life of Tragedy, Heartbreak and Recovery.
-Ann and Elizabeth-
The remainder of this day will be spent on you as you design your future and an inner positive personality that will take you forward, no matter what challenges you might face.

*then Finally ----

As the movie progresses, the ‘Program’ examines -- ‘the introspection of your hopes and dreams, wants and needs, the pro’s and con’s of where you are in your life, your education or why you stopped, where you live or want to, the people you know and like or possibly love, and those who will interact with you positively or argue with you on any topic, why you stayed or why someone left you, your parents and how you view them, and so much more as you think/contemplate what is next ………….’ for your Positive Life

*The 'Program', early participant and developed by the writer, was/is intense, pressure packed and successful that develops a positive lifestyle to enhance each day.

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C. Ronald Oister
Naples, FL
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