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Well, Alice -

Your very own twin Lynn is going to be the first (amongst others, I hope) to answer this post--because, as we have alway been prone to--guess who also thought yesterday of writing the very identical post explaining this lovely tradition of a candle being lit each year!! I DID!! (And how nice it would be if this was done for Susan.)

Without my speaking a word to you about the idea---as I had gotten involved in other posts--I had absolutely no inkling that you had thought of this gesture, as well! We never discussed it at all--another oddity amongst many identical twins!

Anyway, it is not such a solely religious act! Candles have been lit all over the world for so many reasons, that any regligions, atheists, etc. could partake simply as a tribute to Susan, who 'lightened' so many of our lives!

So.....since identical twins do tend to think alike, may I join Alice in this luminescent idea! Even without her 'specs' I think Susan will see the light (and the love)!

With love, Alice, from your twinkling twin, LYNN


Lynn and Alice,

Amazing - two minds with a single thought but maybe not that amazing as you are identical twins!

Regarding lighting a candle I remember some years back Ginger gave us a link so that we could light a candle for Susan. We had to renew it every few days and I kept it going until the link disappeared! I know it was only via the computer and not in real life but it is such a lovely thought.