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Re: Photo Change


I certainly do agree with you--this photo Ginger put up is gorgeous. I wondered if this outfit was used for a film she was shooting?

And, in addition to Susan, the dress and the opera gloves....my eyes also fastened onto that beautiful brooch she is wearing! Not that I can see it very well, but, as my mother was the youngest of 9 children, all my aunts were much older---and they left us so much of their unbelievably interesting brooches from the 20's through the 60's!!! We often take them all out just to LOOK at them--and wonder what life was like then!

Susan's brooch is so much in the style that my mother and my aunts just loved. While I'm a great fan of black and white photography, I would have loved to have seen not just Susan in her beautiful color--but the brooch! Probably silver, although they did use so much lovely color in jewelry in those days.

I was so shocked the first time I saw Susan in a picture without 'movie makeup'---and saw all those freckles!! Wow--I barely recognized her! But she looked so cute.

Well, for THIS particular photo, I shall just have to close my eyes and imagine that flaming red hair in my mind!

Take care, Kerry,


Re: Photo Change

WOW! What a truly beautiful shot! (Susan HAD to be happy when she saw the proofs!) She looks quite young there - I am assuming this was taken during her very early days in Hollywood?

Re: Photo Change


You wondered when this photo of Susan was taken - well it was certainly pre November 1944 - probably that year. I have an article entitled "Susie Loves Jess" from Screenland, November 1944 where it shows Susan in this photo with Jess superimposed in the background.