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Re: Untitleable

Bill -

Well, I had my laugh of the day (maybe week!)envisioning that marquee unashamedly screaming out "Adam Had Four Sons" and "That Hamilton Woman"! That's just greedy!

What an innocent time that the theater owner probably did not get a chuckle over that!!

You were very lucky to have had movie theaters that played two GOOD films.....I can remember some 'double-headers'--but the second one was always a "B" flick (sometimes the funniest of all). ("Plan Nine from Outer Space"??) And I can recall, at age 13, "Rock-Around-The-Clock" with "Francis, the Talking Mule"!!

If you are, indeed, the oldest member, then I truly envy you, because your acquaintance with Susan has been so much longer than mine--who 'met her' only two years ago through this Board. I'd seen her in just one movie, but admired her talent so much, that I located this Board on the 'the Net'. And while I was delighted to discover so many others felt like I did......I also felt cheated by all the years I could have had the enjoyment of knowing her on the screen. I was definitely born at the wrong time......a child in the 50's.

What an amazing screen saver you have! You must find yourself at your computer all day---even if you haven't turned it on!