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Re: Florence Marrenner and her daughter.

Thank you for the information Hope - very interesting to know that Florence worked for your mother. I believe her daughter was called Moira. I wonder where she is now. It would be nice to know more about her and to know she is doing all right. Always such a shame when family members do not get along although I suspect there are many reasons when things like that happen.


Re: Florence Marrenner and her daughter.

Hi all:

Moira Dietrich is still living in California and has a Facebook page, altho I don't think she's very active on it. She also has a business called M. Marrenner Dietrich and Co. I found a recent photo of her and will try to post it here.


Re: Florence Marrenner and her daughter.

Thanks for the information Jill - now I am wondering if Moira's brother Larry is still alive.