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Re: Chapter 16

LOL Debby! You sure know how to tease me ! Now I only hope you will have a good night's rest so you can get up early tomorrow ...

Re: Chapter 16

It's been some time since I watched DQMW, but I'm fairly certain Michaela twice attempted and did not finish the climb to Pikes' Peak? Once to go after Sam, and once with Dorothy, Grace and Myra, where she hurt her arm in a fall?

Bold plan of Sully's, to get his children to "mutiny" at the Bank. I'll be in pins and needles all day until tomorrow, in anticipation of what happens to Josef! And Michaela's reaction too, when she finds out.

Debby, I'm sure you have too much care for us readers, and won't let Josef get hurt. But could you please have Preston break something really expensive in his bank? Or better yet, pull a muscle? Land him in hospital for a real injury? That'll teach him to use violence!

Re: Chapter 16

Hi, meclone2.

Thanks for pointing out that Michaela has twice attempted to climb Pikes Peak. I guess she forgot about that second time.

As for Preston, Sully has tried violence with him before, which only strengthened Preston's resolve to turn Michaela's head.

We'll see what happens to Josef and what Michaela's reaction will be tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your views.

All the best,
Debby K