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Seeking Funding for Low Budget Action Film

Blaxpride is about an African American scholar who studies abroad. While in school, he picked up a hobby of vigilantism but is ready to retire, so he returns to the Bay Area after graduation to be with his family. Since returning home, his secretive past haunts him as his misdeeds overseas have a domino effect on everyone. In his first week home, he is forced out of retirement to rescue loved ones from the same criminals he was fighting overseas. Now, he frequently defends his city as the legendary vigilante before those closest to him suffer from his past mistakes.

The budget for this project is $750,000. The targeted Priority Return to the investor for this project is 120% plus a net profit split with the production company. Film revenues are first returned to investors until their initial investment plus a 20% return (a so-called “priority return”) is recouped. This return is not guaranteed. Profits are proportionately distributed to investors from the Film LLC according to their individual investment in the project. All profits are split evenly between the Film Maker (sponsor) and the Film LLC investment members on a 50/50 split beyond the priority return break-point.

To learn more, please check out 360 Films! https://360filmsinc.com/360-films-project/?filmid=101