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All because a little boy loves a little girl, who loves potato chips.

David Dayan Fisher
1747 Sylvania Lane
Topanga, CA 90290

Billy Forbes Couch Potato

About me: Originally from the UK, I was a professional actor for over 20 years, with 18 of those actively working in Hollywood on numerous studio feature films and network TV shows. As a writer, I’ve completed five original screenplays and am now working on my sixth, with many more on the way.

Tag Line: “All because a little boy loves a little girl, who loves potato chips.”

Genre: Family Adventure / Drama (1980s, small town, America)

Log Line: Think Forrest Gump meets Pay It Forward.
A ten-year-old boy with big dreams of building a potato chip factory decides to finance it by collecting coins lost down people’s couches—leading to an extraordinary series of events, making the impossible possible.

If this has piqued any interest, I’d be happy to send a PDF of the feature length screenplay for your consideration. I can be contacted via email or phone.

Warm Regards.

David Dayan Fisher