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Horror Screenplay: Lilith

I’ve developed a screenplay entitled Lilith with two female leads. The story captures how their ambitions are tested in the face of a biblical demoness that seeks revenge on God’s creatures. The conflicts and characters parallel those in the Alien and Prophecy franchises, with similarities to the film Constantine and Roman Polanski’s The Ninth Gate. The lead characters apply science and biblical myth to solve mysterious and gruesome deaths happening around the globe.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) believes there is a new highly virulent strain of virus that infects the sleeping body causing sudden death. A young ambitious, but inexperienced, CDC investigator initiates an investigation of the epidemic. She draws the conclusion that only male and female infants and young men are dying from this strange epidemic, but she cannot discern other pathological patterns.

An internationally renowned Biblical archeologist becomes aware of the discovery of a strange amulet, which causes her to initiate her own research on these deaths. Her research uncovers a little known and very ancient myth of a demon that has emerged as a modern day nightmare for humanity.

The archeologist and the CDC investigator eventually combine their talents to confront this demoness merchant of death.

I believe the virtuous female characters fighting to destroy an evil demoness and the storyline surrounding the gothic biblical creature will attract female and science fiction audiences.