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Completed YA Script From James Woodland/Breezefilms

Title: The Girl By The Fence

Genre: YA Drama

"A car crash leaves a teenage girl emotionally and physically scarred, yet the high school drama department and a talented young boy bring the promise of a better future...if only her troubled ex wasn't still obsessed with her"

Set in and around an inner-city high school in Spokane, Washington, Alice, an eighteen year old car accident survivor, just wants to graduate and get as far away from the "prison" of high school she feels she's in. She has two months and one class to finish and she'll receive her wish. While attempting to complete this class she runs into an obsessive ex-boyfriend and has a budding romance with a boy she has been partnered with.

To solve her problems Alice seemingly sacrifices her new romance to rid her of her ex but love triumphs in the end when an unexpected twist in her plan arises