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funny and family screenplay

I'm young writer, who has a loud imagination and this screenplay is an example

Mila Rodriguez is a middle-aged , sexy,Spanish woman,some people would say she is perfect. Pefect body ,perfect family and ah who would forget,perfect mom, yep perfect mom to her six children,six children.Would you date a woman with six children?

,maybe you would,maybe you wouldn't but the big question is would Austin Sigures date a women with six kids?

I think he would if he's boss didnt hate his guts ,if Mila's dad wasn't his boss ,if he didnt hate kids and if kids didn't hate him.Oh Gosh

Savannah(one of Mila's kids)

Mr Sigures would you like to fight one of my siblings?,and no isnt an answer




I will get you a date with my mom if you win and if you dont ,you get to take us to a fight club


Now that changes everything and I guarantee you, he won't win and let's not forget I fought back in the day

(Smirks and mumbles)
Okay or maybe it's her