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Fourteen college kids are being lured to their death when joining a reality show. There will be revenge for what the group of psychos did or had done to them and someone else.

My Pitch

Imagine traveling to the West Virginia woods in the middle of nowhere to spend your summer break in a mansion on a reality show for a month, and knowing what great prizes that will be given at the end. Would you do it? Does it sound too good to be true? In this movie, there will be a group of college kids joining the reality show called, “Having a Good Time”. Some joined with a gut feeling and persuasion by friends. The others joined with no hesitation. There will be a guy there giving warnings to the contestants due to his wife's disappearance. As the days and weeks have gone by showing everyone having fun. The hosts of the show decide to throw a celebration for the contestants knowing it’s their last week. The contestants are ready to party. After the night, do you think they would be filled with laughter or filled with fear? A film for teenagers (17+) and up due to the horror and thriller genre leaving the audience on the edge of their seat unable to move. The movie is similar to “Wrong Turn 2: Dead End”, “The Hills Have Eyes”, and “Reality Check”. The three top scariest horror/thriller films of all time.