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Loglines - Mirrors of Life


A chronicle of a young black man, Derrick Williams, and his journey to secure equality for his family and brethren in a consistently racist America.

Modern racism in America forces a young entrepreneur to rekindle the dream of building a successful black community, drawing inspiration from Black Wall Street.

With God as his guide, a young black man sets out to create a more successful version of Tulsa for African-Americans who still suffer from a recycled system and modern racism.

An African-American mother fights to get her family out of the hood and raises a prodigal son destined to resurrect the dreams of Black Wall Street.

A modern Ottowa W. Gurley, Derrick Williams uses his faith in God and determination in eradicating modern racism to begin the process of building cities across the nation with African- American entrepreneurs as the focal point.


Back in the 1920’s, Tulsa, Oklahoma was a rising city in America. Unlike most, it was created to lift up African-American entrepreneurs and give them a chance to succeed in a consistent racist America. Seeing the threat of a triumphant black man, the city was burned to the ground. Flash forward to modern day America, and racism is still an ugly birthmark on the face of the country. African-Americans and other minorities still suffer and are forced to repeat a generational cycle of poverty and living in the country’s worst projects.

Yvonne Baker grew up in one of those hoods and was determined to get herself out. Much like her ancestors before her, she succumbed to the life and became pregnant at an early age, forcing her to give up on her dreams in favor of her children’s. Using God as her guide and her late fiancé’s wisdom of racial suppression, she raises her children to be strong independent individuals in hopes they would be able to break the cycle.

Her second oldest son, Derrick Williams, is the first to succeed in doing so. Having experienced personal tragedy due to the life of the projects, he becomes more determined than ever to raise

every African-American out of the darkness they’ve been forced to dwell in. A savvy investor and near genius entrepreneur, Derrick forms a bond with investors with hopes in creating modern day Tulsas across the country.

As Derrick’s power and influence rises, a target is painted on his back by many old money, powerful, and racist businessmen. They’re determined to burn Derrick down just as Tulsa once burned. Though he experiences monumental loss at the hands of these clan members in disguise, he uses his faith in God and in his family to propel him forward and not give up on creating equality for every African-American.

Derrick realizes he’s fighting a battle that has lasted for generations. It’s up to him to finally turn the tide and at long last manufacture a country that can truthfully say that all men and women are created equal.