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Query Letter: One Hundred And Two Pages. Comedy, Drama. Detective John Wop.

After serving six years in prison, Jason Wright was released on parole. Twenty Kilos of heroin was found on his premises. Inspector Monash received information that in fact forty Kilograms was involved. Inspector Monash assigns Detective John *** to investigate. Detective Wop, a man in his late fifties. Scruffy, abrupt, carefree and yet persistent goes in. Jason Wright, a man in his mid forties, tall, well built, strong and of good appearance who knows his rights does not budge. The two have many arguments and battles to the extent that Jason makes plans to rid of the Detective. However, as time goes by encouraged by Jason new love Lisa, who has a short fuse, encourages Jason to get back on track with the Detective. The three develop a shaky and argumentative path. As time continues all three come to the same conclusion which Jason had insisted from the beginning. Corruption in the department.