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Logline for my script "Lilith's seduction"

Title: Lilith’s seduction
Logline: “No man shall look down on me, when he should be looking up at me as God.” ~Lilith~
Genre: Horror
Theme: Religion / Death

The creation of Lilith’s seduction

I had fun creating this script. Originally the script was titled “In GOD you trust” and the story element revolved around racism and various other topics. But feeling as if it wasn’t enough, I changed the whole concept to be about “Lilith” the woman who was supposedly Adam’s first wife, banished from the garden because she refused to let Adam lay down on top of her.
All of the characteristics that depict who she is, I didn’t include in the story, but her general base remains the same with my own twist. People will probably view it differently from a religious point of view, but I wrote it with a moral I feel people should grasp, aside from the killings and religious dialogue.

Breaking down the story

Refusing to listen to Adam’s commands, along with not allowing him to be on top of her when they have sex, Lilith is banished from the garden of Eden. When the angels tell her God is willing to give her another chance as long as she complies with the rules, Lilith declines. When she tries returning to the garden of Eden, she discovers Adam is now with Eve, and she complies with everything Adam wants and says.

This sends Lilith into a frenzy, wishing she could kill Adam, Eve and God. That’s when Leviathan approaches her with an offer she can’t resist, only requiring her to place her blood inside of a wine bottle. Leviathan tells Lillith when a woman with a pure soul consumes the blood, and she’s able to corrupt her soul, she’ll be granted the power to get revenge against God.

Now that we’re in the present, a woman named Samantha comes in contact with the bottle, which she’ll use to toast at her party. When the group ingests the blood, their bodies get possessed with the seven deadly sins demons, setting Lillith’s plan in motion.