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The Witch That Got Her Wish

Synopsis: The Witch that got her Wish, is a story with a different take on your normal happy ending story. It is about a witch named Broomhilder, the ugliest witch of them all. Even with all her power as a witch, Broomhilder is a very lonely person; because not only is she feared by all the local people, she is even scorned by all the other witches, because they believed because of her ugliness she is more powerful.

Broomhilder lives all alone in the most beautiful territory in the entire kingdom, filled with animals of all kind. And although she protected the animals from the hunters and their traps, they still had to worry about her changing them into something other than what they were. Broomhilder does this for two reasons, the first reason, so great is her fear, that because of her ugliness even the animals there would reject her, leaving her totally alone, that she always keeps some of the animals under a spell. She then uses their friendships as leverage to keep the other animals from running away. The second reason, she’s a witch.

Everything changed one day when Broomhilder slips on a log and rolls all the way down the hill, into the stream below. Even as scared of Broomhilder as the animals were, they could not help but laugh at the sight of Broomhilder rolling down the hill into the stream. Humiliated an angry Broomhilder, blinded by her rage, lashes out at everyone and everything and accidently cast a spell on her own refection in the water transforming her into the most beautiful maiden of all and becomes worshiped and adored by all the men in the land. Now you might think the story would end here with the ugly Broomhilder transformed into the beautiful Christina living happily ever after. However, the real story is about why the now beautiful and worshiped Christina would want to be Broomhilder again.