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By: Patricia Lewis

Genre: Drama Romance Mystery

Logline: This is a story about a separated family who is beginning to find one another in the most unexpected places, while beginning to learn of each other’s past lives.


Hidden’s main character is Tina, a young African-American woman, who lost both of her parents. After going through her deceased parent’s belongings, she finds a document and discovers she is adopted. She locates her biological father, Isaiah.

Tina meets Terence and they start dating. But right before one of their dates, Tina receives a call that her father is in the hospital from a horrible car accident and is in a coma. But when the nurse hands over to Tina her father’s briefcase, she opens it to discover a secret she never could have imagined.

Patricia Lewis

Patricia Lewis was born in Portland, Oregon. She moved to Seattle, Washington in the 1980’s. In 2001, she received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Information Systems. She is also a great grandmother and wife of Roosevelt Lewis, Author of Taught by Life.
In 2009, Patricia attended University of Washington and received her Independent Filmmaking Certificate. While there, she produced a short film titled Adrift and participated in other filmmaking roles.
Patricia wrote, produced and directed a short film in 2010 entitled “Blind Colour”. in 1955. She produced a documentary called Healing Grace in 2013.