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Beast House synopsis

Donna gets a call from the prison that her ex husband has been released after serving 6 years for sexually molesting their 6 year old daughter. She packs up her bags and grabs her daughter and heads North until finally ending up at a tourist attraction called Beast House in Malcasa Point. There they meet up with Judgement Rucker a mercenary hired to kill the beast if it exists. And Larry Mayfield a survivor of a beast attack as a boy.
The group goes together to tour Beast House and see what the story is about the house.
The owner had her family killed by the beast and decided to sell tours to make money.
Meanwhile Donna's ex husband after killing a husband and wife and kidnaps their teen daughter Heads to Donna's sisters place to get the information as to where Doona is. After getting there,he tortures her into telling where they are before she is killed.
He kills many more before getting to Malcasa Point.
Jud and Larry sneak into the house and find a diary of the previous owner telling all about the Beasts.
The ex husband gets into the cabin of where they are staying afterJud and Donna get done having sex.Jud gets the drop on him and ties him up and decided to use him as bait for the beast.
They tie up the ex husband and wait while Donna and her daughter are in the car waiting. A beast comes and kills the ex husband and gets killed by Jud.The guys search around and kill several more beasts and Jus ends up killed by the old woman owner and Larry is killed by a beast.
Donna and her daughter go into the house after hearing gunshots and screams get caught by the old woman owner and put in the cellar.
Months later Donna you see has been pregnant by a beast and her daughter is waiting to have a baby with another beast.

The Beasts are Albino hairless humanoid wolf like creatures