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Kitten on the Keys

FORMAT: Feature

GENRE: Comedy, Western

LOGLINE: In 1876, the death of her husband on a train trip out West forces a college-educated woman to strike out on her own at the next stop: Dodge City, KS.

SYNOPSIS: It's July 5, 1876...the day after America marks a century of independence. It's also when educators EZEKIEL and CATHARINE "KITTEN" KIRKSEY take a train to San Francisco (Kitten's birth city) to start a music school there. Ezekiel's whooping cough kills the couple's dream...and Zeke himself. With no doctor on the train, and the contract enabling the trip calling for couples only, Kitten decides to strike out on her own at the train's next stop: Dodge City, KS...the most lawless burg out West. This decision leaves HER MOM stunned and HER DAD livid...but this piano prodigy strikes gold once she learns to operate her late hubby's camera. The twin skills turn Kitten into both the house photographer and the house pianist at...a brothel. After Kitten's folks come down on her and HER COWORKERS, the Oberlin grad turns the crew into a troupe that bombs...yet works the kinks out in time to become the newest members of Buffalo Bill buddy "TEXAS JACK" OMOHUNDRO'S fledgling traveling show.