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Scripts offer 2022:
feature/tv series (ready for production)
Test of Evil (based on true events)
Genre: Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Mental psychopath, courtroom.

If you are one of these people who think that the world is a bleak place, be warned before watching this movie, not only will your worst fears be confirmed but this story will push horror further than in any of your nightmares. Set in: Westchester County, New York State, this scary story revolves around a cast of characters who exude depravity, sadism, Intriguing, and hatred. And, to make matters worse, the unwitting victim of this egotism is an innocent child whose only wrongdoing is that e was there??
Feature-137 page tv series-310 pages
Gog and Magog
Bizarre politicians are dragging the world into a hallucinatory war!
two lunatic presidents, superpowers leaders with inflated egos and madness of aggrandizement, and the madness of controlling the world are dragging the world into a delusional, crazy, and uncontrollable doom war.
https://youtu.be/SIZmx0t1JhQ SHORT ANIMATION SAMPLE

• A feature film (138/114 pages ready and available)
• T.V. series (30/60 pages first draft,320 pages total)
• A film in three sequels in the style of The Lord of the Rings (first draft)
• An animated film/series (first draft)
• Graphic Novel/comics (first draft)
• Movie/series for the internet
• Movie/series for mobile
• Computer/mobile game
• All kinds of merchandise
feature -138 pages tv series – 320 pages
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"Holy Matrimony/Dead End" (script+movie pilot)
my script and film "Holy Matrimony/Dead End" were selected 4 times for the film and the beginning filmmaker in the competition of Pinewood Studios U.K 2022.

short screenplay(55 pages)and movie pilot(55 minutes for micro-budget)

Genre: Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Mental psychopathy,

it is a psychological thriller that focuses on the corrupt relationship between two different married couples. After being injured in a hit-and-run accident, the story follows Haim, who hires his private investigator Israel, to help uncover the truth after suspecting his wife Rita, who trying to kill him. One question that perfectly captures the film's essence is, "can we play chess with our destiny?".
Feature movie potential: it is a combination package with a screenplay + movie pilot I have created, specifically to showcase my skills in making a short movie with a feature-length option(55 pages )
It's an ultra-low budget. with a minimal cast and locations-the budget was only 50000$ (The crew was amateurs. the actors were amateurs. they made all for no money )
note: this script and pilot can be also the produced-first episode in a detective TV series in which the son and daughter are already 30 years old and join their investigative father who was hospitalized in a mental institute for many years due to his wife's suicide.
Watch the movie pilot on YouTube(available according to demand)
MOV-Short TV :55 pages

About me: scriptwriter/Author
Itzhak Begerano - kim72816@gmail.com
I am a disabled author and screenwriter with a penchant for writing psychological thrillers, Drama, Comedy, Fantasy, Science fiction, and Satire. I studied Directing and Screenwriting at the prestigious College of Film and Television in Israel. I'm now retired but still, write as a hobby while living with my wife and four kids in Israel.