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The year is 1986, in San Francisco, California. And there is a killer on the loose, A young teen named William Graves loses his Uncle, Paul, right in-front of him. He witnessed his uncle get killed by an unknown murderer. Paul’s daughter, Jessica Graves, moves in with William and his parents. Thesis screenplay talks about their teenage life and how they want to find out who killed their family member. A couple suspects along the way, and likeable characters. See the relationship evolve between the characters and the unexpected twists. The screenplay contains foul language, violence, and dramatic scenes.

Act one outline:
It’s 1986 in Sam Francisco, California. Paul and William Graves are driving to a restaurant, a song plays on the radio, they sing along and have a good time. They park their car at the restaurant. A black car parks beside them, mysteriously. Paul and William enter the restaurant. They take a seat, then they spot Paul’s old boss… the one that fired him and treated him like ****. His name is Henry. Henry comes up to them, an altercation ensues. Soon Paul loses his temper, causing Henry to laugh at him, and walk away. Henry leaves the restaurant in his red car. Paul is stunned, he can’t believe how he reacted. He left the restaurant. Minutes later…. POP, POP,POP. The whole restaurant hear a bunch of gunshots, William gets up from his seat, runs outside… Paul is dead. William screams telling everyone to call the cops. The black car is gone. Fade to black.

Paul’s daughter, Jessica Graves, is giving a speech at her dads funeral. She gets praised from everyone. Her mom and dad died, so she has no one to live with. William’s family welcome her to their house. She moves in with them. Jessica seems to be all nice and sweet, but when the adults aren’t around, she is a ****** she ridicules William when she sees her new room, she thinks it’s ugly and terrible. Jessica is a brat. William notices that. Then Jessica asks William on who might’ve killed her father. William doesn’t know. Their curiosity gets to them… Who killed Paul?

I am 16 years old, living in Calgary Alberta. Despite my age, I really hope you get the chance to read the screenplay, and give me your thoughts. Thank you.