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CARS & CRIMINALS: The Mechanic

LOGLINE: After being set up by her cohorts and arrested, a drug smuggling mechanic decides to help a local police detective put them behind bars, if she can avoid retaliation in her criminal underworld.

Season 1 introduces us to Frankie, the mechanic/paid informant who, in the course of her mobile work fixing cars, meets all kinds of people, including criminals. Most are drug dealers, but she occasionally comes across other criminal types who just have to brag about their exploits. We also meet Brett, the detective who works with Frankie to clean up the streets in their corner of the world.

Episode One: 211 in Progress, first of two parts:

An experienced mechanic, Frankie fixes many people’s cars, but the girls living a few streets away from her family pull her in a new direction when she begins working on their cars and ultimately repairs the leaders’ cars. At the request of Troya and Marciana, the girl gang leaders, and armed with her own expertise, Frankie steals the vehicles they want from various parking lots around the county. They pay her 500.00 for each car. With one seemingly careless question, Frankie finds out the gang uses the stolen cars to rob banks. She then goes to the police and informs them that the next robbery will take place the following day, Saturday morning.
Aware of the violent nature of past robberies, the police set up an operation to catch the gang in the act. At the direction of the police, Frankie steals another car and participates in the robbery as the getaway driver. It should have been simple: catch and arrest the gang in the middle of a 211 in progress. This first episode ends as the bank robbers evade capture.