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BOTTLED UP, multi-cam sitcom

BOTTLED UP is a multi-cam sitcom set in 90's suburban area. follow a group of 6 young teens in their wacky zany lives as they come of age, Jason Bottler is a gaming and comic book nerd, Jessica "Jess" Hughes is a skater girl with a tomboyish attitude, Steven Johnes is a grunge anarchist who likes to stick it to the establishments, Patrick Cooper is a laddies man with the fashion sense of corporate 90's boy band, Tiffany Mandoza is a cheerleader who contrary to stereotypes doesn't act like the popular cheerleader type, last is Pedro who is a Scandinavian foreign exchange student with a mysterious background, the only thing know about Pedro is that where he is from is still in the 80's.

if you have any questions about the inspirations, characters, stories, or anything else then contact me via email at connor.chalkley@yahoo.com.au