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A screenplay that is eerily timely

I wrote the novel just after 9-11-2001 under the pen name of Robert O'Shea. The screenplay came a year later

Title: A Marriage of Convenience
Apocalyptic thriller
Format: Final Draft version 5
Length: 120 pages


Marriage of Convenience is a horrific tale told through three sets of miserable people. Jimmy Riley is abandoned by his ambitious mother, a physics professor, to a childless working-class Chicago couple

Throughout his young life Jimmy will be scorned and ridiculed since he is straight laced, a mindset and demeanor brought on
by his adopted parent's alcoholism. After Vietnam and college Jimmy will marry his VA nurse named Nori who later scorns Jimmy because he doesn't make enough money.

At an advertising agency Jimmy will meet Heather Lancaster, a wealthy vixen and the daughter of the CEO. Heather sets her sights on Jimmy, castigates his "worthless" stay-at-home wife and mother, offers Nori and her son $10,000 a month to agree to a divorce and, after they marry, convinces her father to promote Jimmy from office grunt to vice-president of Lancaster advertising.

Against the backdrop of social duplicity is a nation that mocks God's commandments in a world being devoured by those covetous wolves in sheep's clothing. In the end, Jimmy flees his convenience for the woman he truly loved and swore fidelity to, the first time. As terrorists detonate nuclear bombs in all major cities in the US, both Jimmy and Nori repent of their sins before God at the end of time---or is it?

If you want to read this screenplay let me know. I will send it in PDF form.

Thank You,

Michael Riles

983 Fox Valley Trail
Stone Mountain, Ga 30088
470-519-8893 USA