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The Mentor - Coming of age boy story that takes place in Boy Scouting in the 1960's

In the year 1966, Mike Riles and his "crew" needed a mentor.

Their antics, like donning knightly garb and attacking Catholic kids on the way to catechism after seeing a history bio on TV about Oliver Cromwell, or attacking a girls playhouse after seeing the film Northwest Passage, landed he and his pals at Scout Troop 812 and in front of a mentor - an honorable man who wanted to give back through them what he had no choice but to take away on the bloody battlefields of Korea fifteen years before.

Relive your scouting experience from a mock retrieval of a Russian space orb while on a secret agent hike, to Order of the Arrow survival training. Follow along as the boys of Chicago Troop 812 bond, and later thank a man they grow to respect for what he did for them, and what he and so many others had to do to stop evil at a place called Korea.