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My German Sister- period piece involving a plain Jane who becomes a spy to extract a woman.

In 1977, Army Specialist Michael Reynolds of Chicago took his Russian language and history background to the Army NSA, the only people hiring during the austere 70’s.

He works a mission in what was West Berlin, Germany monitoring Russian ground forces in East Germany as Poland is threatened by the then USSR due to the Solidarity Trade union movement. On a trip to Vienna, Austria Mike meets Mr.’s Right, Ann Miller, of Houston Texas, marries and lives in the upstairs apartment in the home of Frau Eickelberger.

She takes to Ann given her amazing resemblance to her granddaughter who was on the wrong side of the Berlin Wall in 1961. After she succumbs to a vicious cancer, she begs Mike and Ann to bring her grand-daughter to her in order to see her one last time before she dies. Ann decides to extract her out by going into the Communist sector incognito to sneak her out at great risk to herself.