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They Take the Garbage out on Tuesday-cloak and dagger

In 1951 Marty Landis, abandoned to a Christian family, falls in love with the girl next door, a Jew.

She loved him as did his estranged father, a mobster who saved his son’s life from a street gang.

The boy, immersed in Russian culture in Chicago, returns from war a hero only to fight another one for the CIA and Rossina, the girl next door. She became a CIA Op but refused to follow the agency’s plan.

Like Moses, she wants to deliver her people from bondage. She’s taken prisoner by the KGB in 1977. Marty and the girl’s brother Greg, Marty’s childhood buddy, are recruited by CIA and trained by England’s MI-6 to assume the identities of Soviet personnel who must get to her before KGB torture begins.

Marty repays a debt to Rossina’s family for what they did for him. The mission goes as planned until a fatal snafu.