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The Great Recession - An American leaves America for Germany.

Michael Miller, a 1950s baby-boomer from Chicago, will grow to love America until it turns on itself.

Conservative and patriotic during the cynical 60s thru the 90s and beyond, he is forced to become Ayn Rand’s John Galt of Atlas Shrugged fame as his union parents succumb to alcoholism at their own hand and blame Republicans for being poor. Mike abandons them and others who self inflict their own misery always blaming the sober and vigilant yet he seeks out mentors at his school, in the church, ROTC and scouting.

He bonds with what little sobriety he can locate and will be loathed by friends who are anything but, first in the military and later at every job he is hired for. The jackals are those that profess to be liberal, and some conservative, and scorn those who do not walk in lock step with them.

They like to loath the new John Galts, people like Mike Miller. As the jackals reap what they sow and lose everything in the economic crash of 2008, the Miller family is offered the chance of a lifetime, in another land far away. He says goodbye to an America that flagellated itself so badly it bled out and succumbed to death, dropping to its knees in a grave America dug for itself.