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The Rise and Fall Of Bethl (The world of, "Invincible", meets, "Lord of The Rings.")

Logline: A prince belonging to an ancient kingdom of superhumans embarks on a journey to take back his throne from the ruthless dictator who killed his family and slaughtered his people.

Protagonist: Ambrose, the last prince of bethl. Bethl was a prosperous kingdom of superhumans, who ruled for thousands of years. Until a mysterious and powerful man known as Ronin murdered the royal family one night, and started a new empire.

Antagonist: Emperor Ronin. A dictator who rules from the shadows, he rarely makes public appearances, but is said to have the powers of the royal family members whom he killed. Super strength, flight, laser vision, and invulnerability.

The Rise and Fall of Bethl takes place in a vast and diverse fantasy world, with much potential for a series spanning several seasons, or a movie trilogy, as well as a few spinoff shows. The entire story is split into two parts, with a different overarching villain in both parts 1 and 2.

Our protagonist embarks on an epic journey to take back his birthright to the throne of bethl from Emperor Ronin, and faces many foes along the way. This story combines an immersive world with violent and realistic superhuman fights, comparable to, "Invincible", or, "The Boys."

Genres: Fantasy, Superhero fiction, Adventure, Dystopian, Heroic Fantasy, Drama, Action.