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CIVILIZED PEOPLE - Half-hour Episodic Comedy Series

LOGLINE: A thespian haunted by her childhood fame is forced to join an anger management group full of eccentric characters when she physically assaults a casting director, putting her entire reputation in jeopardy.

Civilized People brings five strangers together that would never interact on purpose. They learn the hard way that you do not get to choose who you attend therapy with and that your temper can either make you or in their case, break you. My series will explore the depths of human connection through the forcing-together of contrasting personalities, and why this can be a good thing for people who truly need to branch out and grow in some way or another. It’s a slice of life, except it’s not a slice of delicious, sweet pie...It’s a slice of lemon, and we watch our main characters struggle to find the sugar and water to balance it out. It’s funny, it’s endearing, it’s bizarre; it’s what you want in a half-hour sitcom. The show exists to hopefully inspire. Anger is a complex emotion that I’m honest to god grateful to lack a lot of, but I’ve also seen people benefit from giving it to a company or demanding that money a friend owes them, and I think it’s worth exploring more, especially within the world of our group; they’re all, in their own way, broken individuals, but despite being heavily flawed, narcissistic, and egotistical, respectively, they’re good people. Add in the fact that they’re all full of unfathomable rage, and you’ve got a show like no other. I want real and raw emotion blanketed by laughter, making sure it never takes over. At its core, it’s a through-and-through episodic sitcom, it’s just not afraid to look itself in the mirror and get serious. I strive for the wittiness and originality of Community, with the heart, and impossible-not-to-adore characters of New Girl. With some truly unhinged people trying and failing to re-hinge their anger issues so that they can escape each other, without realizing that they need each other, it’s a clusterf*ck of emotion and hilarity.