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Fantasy Alternate Universe Screenplay logline

A natural phenomenon threatens to overwhelm Miral, an early Renaissance type of world, into a frozen wasteland. Corapeth, the sphere of power possessing the potential of releasing the energy of a volcanic eruption, waits for a descendant of Palidron to come from the other more advanced technological world to confront this threat.

Rick and Sheila, two high school classmates, walk through a portal and find themselves in Miral. Corapeth flashes into enthusiastic awakening in Rick’s presence. Rick’s own admission that “Focusing is not one of my strong points”, however, presents the possibility of Corapeth’s power getting out of control and causing unintentional destruction to the land.

Sheila displays empathetic abilities that may restrain Corapeth. She joins with Rick in an effort to save Miral from the acceleration of the Creeping Cold. Even if they manage to keep Corapeth’s power under control, how do they stop a force of nature?

“Corapeth” is an 120 page ‘fish out of water’ screenplay experience featuring a protagonist who doesn’t like ‘responsibility’, ‘confusing contraptions’, ‘boring stuff’, or ‘being considered a savior.’ The world of Miral is fortunate sensible Sheila has also been brought over from the modern world to support reluctant Rick.

Contact info for anyone interested in further information: Jerry E. email: movies789@hotmail.com