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The Wizard - Young Ferryman is left to lead the fight against an evil witch.

Title: The Wizard of Urot
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Romance
TRT: 120 min.

Logline: After his wizard mentor is killed in battle, young Ferryman is left to lead the fight against an evil witch seeking to conquer the realm.


The White Book of Magic selects Ferryman Drakorne as the wizard’s apprentice. Gelda, the elven witch of the Black Mountains, sends the Troll King and his army to retrieve the White Book of Magic. They attack the Village of Beldredor. After a fierce battle, the Troll King is victorious and burns the village to the ground. Ferryman and his kinsman are forced to flee into the Greenhorn Forest. Gelda conjures Emerrine, a white wolf, and his pack to help in the pursuit. Ferryman saves Keira from Emerrine and kills the beast. Guided by Pantul Ryme, the last of the Wizard Council of Eonor, Captain Darak Kilgorn, and his father King Roland Drakorne make their way to the Seawood forest where they encounter Septer, a giant snake. Ferryman saves Septer’s baby from a giant Seawood owl and she allows them to pass. The Troll King and his army along with some giant flying rats ambush them at River Fork Plain. The elven King Aron and his army come to the rescue. The Troll King retreats after Pantul is killed. The realm is left without a wizard and Ferryman must step up to the challenge.

Ferryman and his kinsman take refuge at Windor the city by the sea. Children go missing in the Ont Forest near the Passage of Kronis. The kings of the realm send Captain Kilgorn to the outpost overlooking the Passage of Kronis. Ferryman and Keira accompany him. Gelda conjures a skeletal army to attack the outpost. After a fierce battle, the skeletal army is defeated. Gelda recruits the mole King Boregon to help her retrieve the White Book of Magic in exchange for a magic orb. Boregon’s minions kidnap the maiden Sarina Striner by mistake. Ferryman, Keira, and the captain travel to Boregon’s underground lair to rescue her. After many trials, they kill the mole king and Ferryman destroys the magic orbs.

Gelda finds the dragon skull of Magog and resurrects him. The dragon kills Ortock the Cyclops and destroys the Ont Village. Ferryman forges his staff of Rume and his sword Aridun. He fights the dragon and kills him. Gelda escapes into the labyrinth.