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Mental Health

Logline: The voices in her head repel those around her. Recently single mother Annabelle reaches out to her favorite pop star Vicky Holiday for financial assistance.

The story involves a mentally ill mother (Annabelle) of a 3-year-old son whose father of her child (Scott) has recently left her due to his loss of tolerance for her mental state. He was a mentally stable man who had been with her since high school, but never saw an issue with her drug consumption and left as soon as things went bad and the child was born. Annabelle is schizophrenic due to an acid addiction she had in her teenage years during the 80s. Her job as a cleaning lady has not been paying enough to support both her and her child, and the mental issues take a toll on the amount of work hours she can have in a day. Distressed, the young single mother turns to her idol, pop icon Vicky Holiday, hoping she could receive some financial assistance to take care of herself and her child. Battling voices and severe hallucinations, Vicky finds the strength to write a letter to Vicky. Amidst her writing, her son sees her worry and tries to ensure she is ok. This allows her to push through and finish the letter using her son’s needs as motivation. The story ends with her taking her own life as she jumps off her apartment balcony because she feels she can no longer care for her child. Vicky was too late to help, but decided to adopt the child and take care of him.