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Always Faithful

Genre: action-drama
Logline—The United States, ever the humanitarian, attempts to help relationship between North and South Korea. However their most trusted man skips out of the country with the money press and the ingredients to print billions of dollars. America has one chance to discover where the money is and Collie Ferguson, a new Marine, is up for the challenge.

The President is fuming about a trusted aide’s theft of the government’s money. He is at wits end on how to recover the money. Collie Ferguson, a superstar football player decides he wants to be a Marine. Collie is just what the President needs, a good man to handle getting the money back without disturbing an already skeptic public.
Out of Boot Camp, Collie is quickly taken to his new assignment overseas. He enters a world he never dreamed possible. Collie is told that only he can recover the money by getting acquainted with an old friend—in a Japanese prison! Collie is up for the challenge and gets locked up with the military using tactics to expedite the crime. Collie is disturbed yet game. He meets McClinton and old college football player, and the two exchange greetings. McClinton is planning an escape and he wants Collie to join him. Collie, afraid, yet accepts McClintons invitation. They are busted out of a Japanese prison by the Yakuza and are taken by Ship to another location in the Far East. Eventually they wind up in Bankok where Collie sees the money. McClinton escapes and leaves Collie holding the bag. Collie informs the Government about the money. Navy Seals are sent in and they recover the money and arrest the guilty party, McClinton’s relative.
Collie is back in the States with a new problem; saving the family farm. Collie uses all the tools at his disposal to keep the family together. The Marines, ever the Warrior class, rewards Collie for his bravery and Collie makes good on the motto—Always Faithful. Collie rescues his grandmother’s farm and the family now can concentrate on Collie being a U.S. Marine.
Gregory Davis
5804 Indian Wells Ave
Bakersfield Ca, 93309
661 477-9242