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After World War l an American Army soldier marries a German women. They live in a small village outside Berlin were they raise their daughter Laura. Germany goes through the Depression they leave Germany end up in New York were the man is from. The soldier is muerdered. The German wife and her daughter go back to Germany to the town they lived in. The mother never recovers from the death of her husband. Germany is going through many changes the Nazis are coming into power. Laura's mother is suffering from mental illness. The mother's sister and Laura decide they have to put her in a insitution. Laura lives for awhile with the aunt. The aunt's boyfriend is Jewish and he has to leave the country. The aunt and the boyfriend leave. Laura is left by herself. She sees these young girls marching down the street in uniforms carrying banners. Laura finds out they are The League of Germen Women. She joins them becomes a model group leader. However Laura is against the evil things the Nazis stand for. Laura becomes compassionate for some of the girls that are having a hard time adjusting the strict demands the Nazis make to them.