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Full Length Script: WE ALL LOVE WATER

Title: We All Love Water

Logline: After befriending a transfer student, a high school student learns to appreciate perspectives of life & confront his assumptions.

Synopsis: Coireno (aka Coi) is a mediocre son of a professionally exceptional man. He doesn’t remember his mother & his father doesn’t talk
about her. He wants to excel in all fields like his father & hence earn being called his son. His self-deprecating nature & closed-mindedness prevents him. He meets Afaruli (aka Afa).

Afa has moved to the city from a small island town named We All Love Water (aka Walw). She believes in appreciation & encouragement to be the seed of growth for an individual. She is open-minded & eager to serve others. She is the daughter of soldiers & is patriotic. After befriending her, Coi learns various perspectives on life. He understands the meaning of bonds & relationships. Suddenly Afa disappears.

There is an attack on Walw by the neighboring country to capture the entire nation. An emergency & lockdown is declared. Industrious residents of Walw have faith in the ocean to protect them. Coi is devastated to learn that Afa sacrificed her life in the war. She never mentioned even once to Coi this & hence he feels she wasn’t even a friend & all that she believed is false. He receives an unknown message to visit Walw & to accept
what is his rightfully. Later, he surprisingly meets his mother. She ties loose ends regarding relationships & teaches that people have the right to make independent decisions, her being a prime example. Coi is grateful for his experiences & now appreciates his life in a new dimension.

Why it will succeed: The story is about the clash of two extreme perspectives of growth namely self-criticism & encouragement. It has the
underlying theme of friendship, love, bonds, & patriotism. Hence, it can potentially cross borders, and demographics & touch human hearts.

Why it matters: In this age of greed, the story brings the basic human elements to the forefront advocating humanity.

Target Audience: Gen Z mainly teenagers across borders