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The Rough & The Refined

Donny(40s), a petty criminal, and Koibito (23), an ex-prostitute, embark on a cross-country journey in pursuit of achieving Koibito's dreams of stardom in Los Angeles. Their unconventional path involves sleeping in rundown motels and robbing gas stations to fund their new life in LA. Along the way, they encounter a variety of characters in small-town America, while robbing gas stations, a laundromat, and even a fellow robber. Their journey takes a dramatic turn in Las Vegas when Koibito is apprehended by a Private Investigator. Determined to reunite with his beloved, Donny traverses the country once more, only to uncover the harsh truth about Koibito's intentions, ultimately leading to his downward spiral into depression. The story revolves around love, delusion, and the cost of blind ambition.