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1946 Japan There is a serial killer who goes in the district where Geshia houses are located and brutally murders Geshia girls. He leaves a white flower in the murder victims hands. This area is where American servicemen go. Japanese detectives believe it could be a serviceman who is committing the murders. They ask the U.S. military for help and send a special agent to investigate the case. Special agent Cameron Bent who broke up the notorious Japanese underworld organization Dark Snake Society, finds out that that the Geshia houses are operated under different underworld organizations. He suspects that the underworld is hiring their own killers to murder rival Geshia houses to put them out of buisness. Agent Bent finds out that the Dark Snake Society is in operation and is under the control of Boss Karori whose father founded the Dark Snake Society. He finds out it is the Dark Snake Society who hired the killer who is murdering the Geshia girls. Dark Snake Society wants the rival underworld organizations to go to war with each other. Once they destroy each other the Dark Society has complete control of the Geshia district. The killer is a ex American serviceman who was kicked out of the military and was recurited by the Dark Snake Society.