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"When the Earth Died" film script

Synopsis of the film script: “When the Earth Died”
“When the Earth Died” is a moving story of endurance, survival and soul searching, amid this unorthodox decline and destruction of the natural world due to climate change, which revealed the devastation of the Earth and the environment. The desperate determination of the homeless pilgrims to endure this unorthodox catastrophe, and the tenderness that keeps them alive in the face of total desolation.
Despite being submerged in the depths of desperation and anguish, they still have the strength to explore such concepts as life, death, infinity of the soul, unconditional love, the existence of God (or the absence of), and shame. This post-apocalyptic story follows the journey of Orson and his adopted son Niles on foot across a devastated landscape until they reach the mountains and settle 20 years into the future.

After the apocalyptic events which occurred gradually and grievously, when climate change devastated the earth, and Mother Nature was on her deathbed, young Niles, then six years old, was left alone. His town was destroyed by fire, his house burnt down and he was separated from his mother Anokhi and his young sister Aberdeen. Orson found him knee-deep in rubbish, in a dry river bed dirty, wet from tears cheeks, looking for food; he took him under his wing. Ciara, a diligent woman with deep-rooted religious beliefs, along with her teenage son Kolten, cuddling under a tree on a cold evening (when everything was lost, and her husband was murdered by a group of thieves), was taken under Orson’s wings as well years later.
They among so many other pilgrims who abandoned their destroyed towns, met their destiny hungry, under the scorching sun, among dead lakes, dried-up rivers, destructive fires, dry thunderstorms and sand storms. Amidst that unorthodox devastation of the earth and the environment, the lives of people went adrift and lost any means of survival.
Orson, battling against all odds, (famine, war, soldiers in black uniforms, and deadly viruses) was able to create a community up on the mountain in which they hoped they would survive the devastation. But for 20 years, Niles, now a mature adult, lived in agony with the only thought and longing bombarding his brain to find the truth about what happened to his mother Anokhi and his sister Aberdeen. He began an adventurous and dangerous search in devastating towns plagued by hunger, viruses, deadly gangs and mistrust searching for the truth about his young sister and his mother. What would he uncover from those daring and precarious trips to faraway devastating towns?
The story takes the audience on an adventurous, heart-warming and treacherous journey from the present time (2029) 20 years into the future.

Background (bio)
Peter Routis received his degree in English Literature from Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo Ontario, and his 3-year co-op degree in Computer Science from Humber College, Toronto, Ontario. Mr. Routis has published three plays (The Rats, The Tragedy of Eli, The Tragedy of Job) and a historical novel “Free Besieged”. In addition, he has written an anthology of poetry, a three-act play, several short stories, and two film scripts (unpublished.) Mr. Routis resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with his wife Joy-Anne Marie.
Note: The film script “When the Earth Died” is based on the novel with the same title by Peter Routis. It will be published in late summer of 2024.

Publication History
“Three One-Act Plays” (The Rats, The Tragedy of Eli, The Tragedy of Job) was published by Christian Faith Publishing in 2019. ISBN: 978-1-64569-580-6 (paperback). ISBN: 978-1-64569-581-3 (digital).
“Free Besieged” was published by NFB Publishing/Amelia Press in 2021. ISBN: 978-1-953610-98-0.
This play “The Rats” was first staged at the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Peter Routis
1506-50 Graydon Hall Drive
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M3A 3R5
905 758-9676